"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Saturday, August 8, 2009

we're back...sigh...

While I love home...I wasn't quite ready to be here yet! We had a great time in Ocean City...my sister and I both decided it was the first vacation we've had together where we didn't feel like we needed a vacation when we got home! I did more walking and sitting on the beach alone than I've done in a long time, and I wasn't ready to leave that behind.
But...all vacations must end. Unfortunately.

Mom and Dad have always been very generous to our families...they go WAY above and beyond the call of duty for parents and grandparents, and yet they always seem to enjoy blessing us with great vacations. This year was no exception...

Thanks Mom and Dad, we are so grateful!

This was our "home away from home" for the week. We had the third floor of this beautifully restored home! Just 4 blocks from the beach, it was perfect!

The beautiful porch was decked out with great furniture...only we found out on Day 2 that each floor had it's own designated spot on the porch, and the owner of the third floor opted out of buying furniture for our spot! While floors 1 & 2 lounged on theirs, we looked longingly on from the table and 6 chairs we were provided! We snuck on floor 2's side a few times when they went to fend for their three small children, but after I was caught reading on floor 1's lounge chair, we did our best to be polite and content with our hard table and chairs...definite porch envy!

Pizza Night at Luigi's...but only because Mack and Manco's line wrapped around the boardwalk a few times! We got everyone in the picture except Tammi (who, by the way, I stole all of the pictures from because her camera and pictures are SO much better!)...

My sister and I with our 9 collective children...

The kids on the beach....Nick, in the middle, decided to do the High School Musical split
....and probably won't ever again!

My sister's children...

We had the best time riding the surreys on the boardwalk. We rode up and back...then to the homemade donut shop...THE BEST DONUTS IN THE WORLD!

My ride was less than relaxing at times....the kid's been driving for more than two years, how is it that difficult to stay between the painted white lines?!?
You can see, he enjoyed every minute of torture!

The oldest, and the deepest thinker of the group....also, the best chef of the week!

The girls...ready at any moment for a photo-op!

The RoCkErS!

...braided cousins...

The BIG "C" and his wake board...an expert by the last day!

The kids had such a great time together....there was a time when going on vacation together wasn't this easy...but the kids are old enough to hang out on the beach and
hike the boardwalk without us watching over them every second.
We enjoyed a little freedom and alot of fun and laughter together!

My kids and I decided to try for a different pose....maybe something new for the Christmas card. Totally NOT making the cut...but we did have fun!

Still not making the cut, but a little less awkward!

Thankfully, tomorrow is Sunday and we get a "day of rest" before truly going back to reality on Monday. The rest of this month holds so much in store...much of it unknown, but the biggest thing looming in the back of my head- or maybe hanging over my shoulder- is packing up and sending Alex off to college in exactly 12 days. More on that later....I'm still in vacation mode and don't even want to THINK about August 20th. Shoot...I just did, and now the screen is blurry. Sigh...enough of that.

As mom said to me yesterday, I'm "LIVING FOR THE MOMENT"
....and that's not part of today.
"Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!"

Ps 34:8


Sharon said...

What fun we had with you and Tam and all the grandkids! We would have loved to have another week to spend relaxing and listening to the laughter and enjoying Justin's cooking! Alas, life calls all too soon! Praying for you in these next days as you send Alex off to college and wait on the Lord for direction for the future. The future is NEVER fuzzy to Him! He uses a long lens and keeps it perfectly focused! You are in His sights! The final picture will be a masterpiece, just you wait and see. I love you! MOM

Just a little something from Judy said...

I loved this post!!! What a wonderful family you have and what extra special parents God has given you. As I looked at each picture and read all that your wrote, I was reminded of just how much talent is included in the group. God has great things in store for all of you, in whatever direction He chooses to lead. As for you, my prayers are with you every time I think of you, now more specifically when you send your son to school. I remember sooooooooo well that event. The heart wrenching tears I experienced and then the warm comfort that He provided, and continues to provide for feeble me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!!

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