"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Alex...

I'm up early this morning, in anticipation of the excitement of the day, I guess. Or maybe it's because I felt like there were so many things I needed to say to you, so if I got up early I'd somehow be able to collect my thoughts and have enough time to say all those last minute things that are on my mind....
So, here it is, in very random order:

*Go with your shoulders straight and your head held high, you have earned the privilege of going out into the world on your own.
*Know that here at home the three of us stand behind you, supporting your new life and cheering you on behind the scenes.
*Set a standard for yourself that is high- from the moment you enter the campus. Start out and finish well...something you will NEVER regret.
*Remember that if you do your laundry more than once a week you'll always have clean socks and underwear! (And don't put your new red shirt in with your new white shirt...take the time to SEPARATE THEM...you'll be glad you did)
*From your first morning, start the habit of spending a few minutes asking the Lord to join you on your day. Get your direction from Him, then follow them throughout the day....another thing you'll never regret.
*Occasionally shoot me a text, just to remind me that you're on the other end...just to let me know you're surviving well!
*Study hard...from your first class til the very last day maximize your time, use it well...prove to yourself that the time, money and effort to get there was well worth every ounce of sweat it took.
*HAVE FUN EVERY DAY. Not that I have to remind you to do that, you seem to do that well where ever you are! So...make sure Drew has fun every day!
*Make sure Drew helps you to be serious for at least a little bit of every day, too!*Drink milk.
*Drink water.
*Drink a moderate amount of coffee in your new coffee pot

*I wanted to make you a pot of coffee to show you how it works, but time got away from us, so here's how:

1.Fill with the amount of cups of water you want. (for you and Drew to have a good size cup, maybe fill 6 cups)
2.Put a filter in the top
3.Add the same amount of scoops of coffee as you did water. (Ex. if you add 6 cups of water, then add 6 scoops of coffee....strong, but good!)

*Remember each morning how good God has been to you.
*Don't forget the struggles you've faced, the mornings that were not so good...keep them in the back of your mind as a reminder of how good and faithful the Lord has been to you. That He's had His eye on you all these years and orchestrated all these things to bring you right here...to PBU.
*Know that while I am more than thrilled that you are taking this journey, our house is not the same without you, and we'll be missing you each day. Not a "boo-hoo, can't get up in the morning" kind of missing, but one that is constantly in the background....the elephant in the corner that goes unspoken, but is still there. You've left your crazy mark on all of us, and we'll miss your presence lurking around this place!
*Get some sleep...I know how you like to maximize your day and get in everything possible before going to bed, but sleep is good...don't forget!
*Remember two things most of all:

1. That God has a plan for you this year, and beyond. He's got a few things He wants you to do. He'll be waiting for you to listen. Give Him a chance to rock your world and direct you into your future. Let this year be a time of giving Him your total attention and seeing where He leads.

2. That there will be no words from me today that will express how very proud I am of you. While I'd like to think I'll be able to share everything that is on my heart before I drive away from you tonight...that just won't happen...it's why you're reading them here!
I'm speechless, void of words when you're standing in front of me...

unable to fathom how we went from this

to this in such a short time.

I'm unable to figure out where on earth all the years went. How you went from hanging on my every word, to having a strong mind of your own. How is it that yesterday you climbed on my lap to tell me every detail of the firetrucks down the street, and today you unpack into a dorm room???? It's all so good...and so right, but also unbelievably hard!

Ok, that's it...at least for now. The house will be stirring in a few minutes and I'm going to shower and compose myself before you see the blubbering mess I've made myself this morning! By the time you awake, I'll have dried the tears and resolved to smile through this day. For there is MUCH to smile about and be proud of in this day...and I will remind myself of this all throughout the day.
When you read this, I'll be gone. You'll be setting up your computer in your new room with Drew, and I hope you'll be laughing and carrying on while you do it (who am I kidding, OF COURSE YOU WILL!!). Have fun!
I love you, Alex...
"The Lord will keep you from all harm-
He will watch over your life;
The Lord will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore."
Ps. 121:7-8


Sharon said...

okay. I just got home from the tearful "goodbye" in your driveway and opened up your blog to read your last thoughts to your now 19 year old son. I have already had to repair my makeup and should have waited a few more minutes until I was done here! Well, just another first in your lives. It is time. You have loved him well and raised him to be the charming young man he has become. He will do fine. I pray he takes to heart these words you have given him today. I love you Honey...Mom

vivien said...


spoken so perfectly!

thanks for a wonderful day! i think we all had a fun day and it made it not so hard to leave knowing drew and alex were unpacked and settled in. it is going to be so exciting to see what unfolds this year, isn't it? GOD has great plans for our guys! i am so glad part of HIS plan for their lives included this year of them being together... growing closer to HIM and each other! we love alex and are proud to say he is drews friend ( and brother!) :)
you have done well raising him!

love, vivien

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