"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep Calm...Carry on

One of these things is not like the others...
but unless you taste it, you'd never know...
Actually, no.  Not edible at all.  But, who wouldn't enjoy patching nail holes with PINK Spackling?!  I actually almost got excited about the job...I think it must have been made by a woman-for a woman.  Men don't think about color when they do fixer-upper-projects.  They just do it. 
If I have to do the thing, I'd prefer it were cute....so why not pink spackling? 
Actually, it only stays pink for a few minutes...the clever little dabs turn white when they're dry. 
That IS my kind of product.  Fool proof.

I've been painting trim.  And when I got to this door frame outside of Emma's room, I had to gulp real big and take a deep breath {and a few pictures} before I could proceed.
We've lived here for ten years...so you can imagine that the little lines on this door frame are pretty sentimental to mom.  They mark the years of growth and age of a household growing up way too quickly.
And now they're gone...secretly hidden under a coat of white...
Our project list is slowly getting crossed off.  I think I can count on two hands the little odds and ends that still need completed.  Yesterday someone from church showed up and completed several projects it would have taken me and an expensive Plumber days to complete. 
Men are handy.  I forgot about that.

I'm looking forward to having a normal day again...the last two weeks the house has been filled with people and I have lost the sense of privacy and routine.  I'm guessing I won't see either of those things for a few months.  I'm tired already.  My body says, "No more!"...and my mind is tempted to follow. 

"My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
 and my portion forever..."
Ps. 73:26

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the EAGLE has landed...

I've been MIA...ever since this guy came to town:

and left THIS in my driveway...

{only a 13 year old girl would want a photo shoot with a dumpster!}

We've spent 7 days sorting, throwing, organizing and throwing some more...I'm down to the attic and the bathroom closet today.  And I'm doing everything I can to ignore it and hope it will just go away on its own....but that's not likely to happen.
Yesterday I tackled my room....a virtual jungle of bedroom furniture, projects, junk and left-over business stuff.  I filled several trash bags, made garage sale piles and filled bags for Goodwill until my mom came, at which time we decided to do a little demolition of the desk and sewing area that has been here for years taking up space.  My bedroom gained about two feet in the process!  I hate that it takes moving to actually get this place in order!

It's heading towards 90 degrees here today, which means the attic is probably 100...and the longer I wait, the hotter it will be.  Ugh...

Only 2 more days with "Eagle"....not sure he can handle much more abuse from us. 
Next we're on to touch-up paint and a few other odd-job projects...

Hope the rest of you are enjoying the sun from the outside!
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