"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iphones and skype dates...

So, I've been debating about trading my current smart phone in for the iphone3 which is now free at AT&T. 

 Yesterday, over coffee with a former student, the debate went something like this:

"My phone has issues...sometimes the touch screen responds, sometimes it doesn't.  
Maybe I should upgrade and bid it ado."

"But, it does still work, and except for the fracture crack in the corner, it's not a total disaster"

"It's free, so why not?"

"But, I don't NEED a new phone, so I think I should just be content with what I am blessed to have"

"But, the camera on this phone drives me insane and takes such lousy pictures."
{See, I'm not making it up}

My friend, Cate, who always has answers to my technologically challenged questions, agreed that this picture was in fact, messed up.  In an attempt to give wise advise and knowledgeable input, she grabbed my phone to see if she could change the camera settings.

"Well, here's you're problem...see all that lint in the camera lens?"

{yeah, yeah...I see it.}

Not one of my finer moments.  
All my dreams of being smart and fancy just went out the coffee shop window.

In other news, my dad is in Kenya, and I'm jealous.  
He sent this the other day just to rub it in our faces.
So rude.

My parents are learning how to date again during the length of his trip.
They call it their "skype date".
I guess that's cute.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Giveaway HERE..NOW...

Just so you know...there's an awesome giveaway at my friend's blog.
SO you should go there now...
just cause.

Catch up...

I can't count the many times I've wanted to sit and update on here, but haven't.  There's reasons for this, and I'm just coming to terms with them.  

The biggest being that I am strapped to the {antique} home computer.  
And this is why...
Did you know that one of these
can completely destroy, blitz, fry your laptop if placed in one of these

{that's a USB port on your computer, if you don't know}

Let's review.
This, in your USB port:

or this in your USB port:


You don't even need to have small children in your home to be concerned about such things.  You can even have big-boy teenagers in your home and STILL be concerned about such unfortunate accidents happening to your laptop.  {The one you spent months saving up for and used all day, every day}

Big-boy teenager is busy saving up to replace said laptop.  
It'll be a while at the rate he's saving.

I'm trying not to be bitter...it's just a computer-not a life. 
{lifeline, maybe...but that's my own issue}

I've learned a few things on account of this unfortunate incident:
1) Keep all keys in the garage near the vehicles they belong to.
2) Keep in mind that accidents happen and be prepared for them at all times.
3) Show grace, even when your teenagers do things that are nothing short of stupid.
4) Show grace, even when you are sitting in a very hard chair, trying to download pictures onto your antique computer...all the while remembering how quickly they popped up when you were sitting across the room on the comfy couch with your laptop... 
5) Bite your tongue and shut your mouth when you are tempted several times a day to remind the 18 year old, who blitzed the laptop, how much you miss it.
6) Never get too used to being spoiled by conveniences...often, right before your very eyes, you see it vanish.  Kaput. 

It's hard to admit...but, I suppose I've learned that less time on the computer is good, too.  Even though I miss checking facebook and emails quickly, downloading pictures and catching up on blogging...I've learned that I CAN do with less of the above...{I admit, I just don't want to}  It's a daily struggle to die to my desires.  And I have a teenager to thank for it...but, shhh...don't tell him- he would enjoy knowing that his impulsive action caused a positive reaction.

So there you have it.  Reason #1 why I spend much less time updating the blog.  Since I'm here, and since it took about two hours to download these pictures, I might as well share a glimpse of what we've been up to in the last month...
We entered a Father/Daughter Amazing Race

{came in 2nd place...but only because running wasn't involved}

We took a trip to VA to check out a perspective college w/three of the grandchildren
 {Hey, there's that 18 year old...he looks so harmless, doesn't he?}

The grandchildren loved the campus 
and the time spent goofing off together...

Attended the wedding of a good friend of mine who's been single for a long time
{There is hope, right?!}
 We had another birthday in the family...this time, the daughter had the audacity to turn 15.  

Just the other day..

It's never really dull or boring around here..
and I wouldn't want it any other way.  
From the key in the usb, to the birthdays, to playing dress-up for a night...
it's all good.

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