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Monday, August 17, 2009

A month of birthdays and a feline....

August seems to be a busy month in every family, but in ours along with the back-to-school scurry there are also 4 birthdays to celebrate. So, in order to get them all in before the great college departure, we crammed them all in in the last few days.

Last week was Tammi's celebration...she's holding a gift certificate for a much-needed spa day!

Her kids surprised her with the sweetest photo/scrapbook that they put together themselves. Each one of the kids picked out a couple of their favorite pictures then wrote a special note to her. I think it is something she will treasure for the rest of her life. In the midst of some really tough days, the kids spoke words to her from their hearts....those unprompted words every mom wants to hear. Each of us had to hold back tears as we read the sweet words of thanksgiving that the kids spoke to their mom.
Words and memories to cherish...

Last night we combined three more birthdays into one celebration - two of the college-bound freshman and one 10yr old! Each were excited to open their momentos and find a shopping spree with the grandparents...a dream for kids of all ages!!!

birthday parties of yesteryear!

We've had so many of these celebration dinners together that they all begin to blur together, but we marveled last night how quickly these older two have grown up. Just two more days of packing til Alex leaves us...and another week until Eden departs. Where has the time gone?!?

With the parties behind us, it's time to dig in and get some packing done for the drive to college on THURSDAY. Nineteen year old boys, while under the impression that they are full-grown adults, do NOT have the ability to organize and pack for college by themselves....at least not in MY house! While he's off enjoying one last beach day, in the back of my mind tomorrow's To-Do List has been steadily growing. He has NO idea what will hit him in the next two days!

To add to the chaos, somehow I momentarily let my guard down....just long enough for Emma to ask if she can please, Please, PLEASE have one of my sister's kittens, and for me to give in and say yes.

...under one condition, that she takes on sole custody of the feline and care for her like a mom. SO, Emma spent the day cleaning and organizing so that Zoe would have her own space in her room.

I think she did a pretty good job...
(Yes! That IS the litterbox in her bedroom....it's worth a try, but I think we'll resort to the bathroom before long!)

And she was MORE than ready to bring her home...and into her bed...which is where Zoe has taken up nightly residence. Not unlike other new mothers, Emma didn't get much sleep last night. Apparently Zoe enjoys switching sides of the bed often and Emma obliged by scooting over and letting THE CAT be the boss.

I almost forgot that while I love kittens, I'm not such a fan of cats...and mostly for the above reason. They like to take charge and tell you how it's going to be!

I think we're in for an interesting week. I've pushed off the emotions that will inevitably take hold of me on Thursday as we drive Alex away from home, but only because I just HAVE to! Can't boo-hoo my way through the week...I'm sure I'll do my fair share in the dorm room Thursday evening before we drive away to leave him at school. For tonight, I'm planning on sleeping well. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Tomorrow's a new day...thankfully God gives grace and strength for each new day and for whatever He calls upon us to do.

I think I'm ready...

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Christine said...

I am reading this as I yell at my cat ... kind of ironic. I think the litter box in the bedroom is a great idea - she will clean it more often :)
Praying for you and Alex today!

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