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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I've just discovered Zappos.com.
 I've heard of it before, but thought they only sold shoes.  I had no idea they had a little bit of EVERYthing AND a SALE/CLEARANCE section...which makes me happy.
 Plus, they offer FREE SHIPPING every day.

I've been looking for a bag for the camera I recently bought on ebay.  I'm not a fan of the boring black ones that they sell everywhere, but I can't seem to find anything I like that is affordable.
Until I found THIS at Zappos:

It's a cooler.  But, how cute is it?! And, because it's insulated, it'll protect my camera.
And for $34 I do believe it could be the one...someday.
  Vera Bradley - Cooler<em>Canon</em> EOS <em>Rebel XSi</em> Digital SLR Camera with <em>Canon</em> EF-S 18-55mm IS ... = ♥

This time of year I want to wear a scarf everyday.  
Our house is cold and I'm freezing ALL THE TIME...wearing a scarf makes me feel like I have a blanket wrapped around me.  I'm always on the lookout for ones that I like.  
I like the colors of this one...
Product Image
Echo scarf @zappos.com
but at $54 it won't be mine.

North Face scarf @zappos.com

At $35 this one is coming closer to my price range, but still not quite.

I'm a little confused by these, they're everywhere, but I'm not sure I like them.  

Looks a little too bulky around the neck for me. 

Maybe I should just turn the thermostat up...or buy myself one of these:
Zappos is the place to go if you want to do all your Christmas shopping in one place.
They have a little bit of everything, it seems! My eye steered towards the bags, scarves and shoes but there's SO much more...
check. it. out.

I never win anything, but last month I actually won a drawing at my friend Janelle's blog.  Instead of just handing it off, I suggested she come here for coffee with another blogging friend, Jeane.  So tomorrow's the day...and it's also the day that I have someone coming to fix my heat.  

Should be an interesting mix of company!  

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