"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012...Back in business

My computer is back! 

She's had a miraculous recovery that cannot be explained...
Her unfortunate death happened about three months ago  
And it's been annoying and frustrating to use the old house computer-so I stayed away as much as possible.
BUT...just the other day a friend said he would take a look at her to see if perhaps he could just start all over and rebuild her, brand new.

It took him about 5.5 seconds because when he pushed the ON button
she came ON...
Even though she didn't sputter or cough any of the {many} times I had tried to resuscitate her before...
Nor did she even blink the time the Best Buy Geek Squad tried to jump start her. 

It's beyond me...I have no idea why she laid to rest those 3 months and now is working just fine...
but I'll take it.

While I've been gone a few things have happened around here
like this:
Scarlett came to live with us the day after Christmas...
we kind of like her
a lot.
She's changed our schedules and our routines
but in a good way.
She likes to play
and chew...
{Pretty sure there's a spot waiting for us at the local Puppy Academy}

We're finally back in the swing of things after the holidays.
I may or may not have been cheering when the kids went back to school on Monday...
It was time to get back to normal, for sure.

and as I reflected on the passing of 2011, I was able to see, with deep gratitude, 
a year that was filled with the blessing of family.

I look forward- to all that 2012 will hold for our family
and all I see is 

I will graduate another son this year...
and he has his sights on 
the Marines...
I don't need to spell out all of the things that go through a mother's heart when she hears these words.
All I know for sure is that
 I have held my children close through these years,
 and I do not live with regrets...

And so I can already see that there will be a daily need to 
TRUST hard
throughout this year.

It is inevitable
our children grow up
and out
it's what we raise them to do...

Speaking of growing OUT...
has been looking at apartments with his friends...
and I imagine at some point this year, they will find the one they're searching for
and he'll be moving out on his own

It is inevitable
our children grow up
and out
it's what we raise them to do...
but are we ever really prepared for how quickly 
it sneaks up on us?

When I asked the LORD to give me a word to dwell on this year,
you can imagine I was not surprised to hear that the word of the year is

I'm pretty sure there will be some tough days this year for our family...
so many changes.
But I'm resolved to take them in stride and remember that 
we've done tough days before

and we got through them the same way we'll get through these...
by learning to 

In the meantime I am soaking in every minute that I have with my children all together under one roof.
If I'm lucky, the four of us gather around the same dinner table once or twice a week...
I told them last night, that there is no greater gift they could give me than to sit and eat together-
doesn't matter if it's steak or PB&J, as long as all four of us are around the same table...
{Some smart-alec blurted out, "That's good, mom, cause we weren't planning on buying any gifts!"}

"Trust God from the bottom of your heart; 
   don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; 
   he's the one who will keep you on track.
Don't assume that you know it all. 
   Run to God! Run from evil!
Your body will glow with health, 
   your very bones will vibrate with life!
Honor God with everything you own..."
Proverbs 3 


lindsey said...

Welcome back and with a great post! I pray for you with these new seasons coming up in your life. With four grown kids I know only too well what its like when they leave home...sometimes to marry, sometimes for uni and sometimes just because its time. You are right throughout all the challenges run to God....He is the answer. Bless you and your family!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a great post, Terri.

You are right clinging to the Lord...He will uphold you.


amy said...


I get a lump in my throat reading about your upcoming changes. Trust is an excellent word!

Love the new blog look!

Panera soon?

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