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Thursday, April 28, 2011

On my mind...

There are a few things on my mind.
Don't hold your breath, they are not important really...
Just on my mind.  

Remember this...when somehow stink bugs and princesses made it onto the same post?
I have nothing to defend myself with..it just happens-
random thoughts
 that have no real connection whatsoever to each other, 
yet still end up sharing a post. 

I think it might be happening again

The whole world seems to be perched on the edge of their seats 
in anticipation of another Royal Wedding

These two

have caught the eye of nearly everyone who owns a 
computer or a radio.
And starting at some ungodly hour in the morning there will be live coverage
detailing pretty much every breath that anyone with royal blood will be taking tomorrow.


informed me about an hour ago that she wants me to wake her up at 5am to watch it happen.
Had I known this, I would have shipped her to

 my sister's house for the night,
being that her internal clock rises her at 5am {or before} EVERY morning
 {not just Royal mornings}
But my mind doesn't work that quickly so she's down the hall as I type
in her own bed. 
Which means yours truly will be setting her alarm 
and watching next to her.

And really, I can't complain...when I was not much younger than her my grandmother had a
Royal sleepover so we could rise early to watch with her....
Which was MY mom's plan, too...

a slumber party with just the girls was planned at her house
a tradition, of sorts that it's only fair to carry on...
who gets married at the CRACK of dawn on a school day???
Really, Kate?  
Did you not know there would be girls of all ages in PA that would want to watch you wed your Prince?
You didn't think it would be an excused absence, did you?
It's not.

By the way, did you know that 
So, say, you want to know what time would be a good time to leave the tv to make a pot of coffee..
all you need to do is look at the schedule and see that at precisely 
"10:27 am Carol and James will arrive at the Abbey"
which, translated means
"I have no idea who Carol and James are and so NOW would be a good time to brew the beans"

The Royals are very accommodating in this way.
Thanks Will and Kate, I may need those beans to make it through the rest of the day.

Also, did you know that Will has opted out of wearing a wedding band?
Strange, but true.  
It says so here
and E Online has probably moved in across the street from the Palace
and has the inside scoop on such things.
Thanks E.

This morning I found out that I am just like my mom.
I love her, so I'm cool with it, 
but we might both have issues.

I inadvertently left my phone in the other room for about an hour 
and apparently missed her call several of her calls
She was watching the news
I was not.
She called to tell me in a very panicked voice that I should run for shelter in my basement
because a tornado was passing over my house. 
But, truth be told, I was on my way out the door to meet a friend for coffee
and that didn't gel with my plan.
But because I am a pleaser, 
I ran to the basement to turn on the tv, 
in time to hear them 
{the VERY excited-emotionally-charged-meteorologists-who-live-for-this-kind-of-thing}
 say they are lifting the warning.
Sweet...coffee it is

For the next hour,
even though my phone was turned to silent, 
I continued to get updates on the two other impending tornadoes that were about to crash through my house
from my mom...
{remember, when you're reading this, mom, I really do love you!}

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the absurdity of how similar this scene was to the texts my own son received from me just a few weeks ago when I was the one at home watching the 

He was the one out having coffee with a friend
and I was the one with the panicky voice telling him to take cover.

Two thoughts on this:
1. No matter what you say, you will always be just like your mom
2. You never really stop being an over-reactive concerned parent

this weekend is Prom

is going with a friend
and I find it just too weird that son#2 could possibly be old enough to 
drive to the florist to order a corsage
for goodness sake, 
just last year he was cutting his first tooth

If I had the power to make 

I just looked at the clock...
it's 11:23pm and I have not had my Royal sleep yet..
this does not sound like a recipe for a good Friday.

The real GOOD Friday was last week...
tomorrow will just have to be named good.

{Aidan Caine captured the couple for me to score on google images}

"William and Kate, have set the date,
They’ve chosen, as the day they will marry;
April 29, for the second in line
To the throne, 
(just in front of Harry )."
lovely words from the pen of one Jim Bell


Jeane` said...

LOVED every word of this randomness...particularly the one about mothers and harried calls....;) LOVE to you!!

consume me... said...

our moms should be best friends.

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