"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Friday, March 25, 2011


I choose to:
Give up 
the bitterness, the anger, the sadness
for what isn’t,
that you wish you had.
And embrace the gift of what you do have.
For therein is really what you want more of:
{Elizabeth Elliot}

I chose it yesterday
and will choose it again tomorrow.
Someone asked me recently what word I would want others to remember me by.
It's the one word that resonates inside me daily.
It's my choice..
One of the FRUIT of the SPIRIT placed in me at salvation...
it waits for me every day to pick it.
{ooh, ooh...pick me!}
It sits here at my table 
and here where I sit to read and be fed 

The working out of it is not as easy...
I can KNOW what is right
READ continually about what is right
but until I live it out hour by long hour
I am not really learning what it means to live in JOY.

For instance, 
Last night when my middle child tried to start a little fun in the kitchen 
by whopping me in the head with a bag of bread
and I reacted like an unleashed beast....
That was not choosing JOY.

Basically I stink at choosing it all the time...
But I WANT to
and that's a start.

So here it is,
Scenes from the last week of
 choosing JOY 
counting God's Gifts...

The following are in reaction to two boy-men who discovered they had
 inadvertently dressed alike:
notice the scowl on the oldest... 
the joy on the younger...
{the younger asking, "Mom, did you get me posing like a Hollister model?"} 
and the daughter who was not about to be left out of the shots... 
and the dog who just wants to be everyone's best friend... 
The oldest, who upon seeing the above pics decided to SHAVE...
{Hearing The Hallelujah Chorus rising in crescendo in my head?} 
conversations of the most important kind... 
man vs beast 

Count them...
THREE bodies
In my driveway
Playing together
Just like the old days...


Jeane` said...

Love it!! Especially hearing the strains of the Hallelujah chorus!! ;)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Joy, the one thing that is not dependent on our circumstances!

Sharon said...

Love love love it! Joy is seeing the joy on my girls' faces as they see the joy on THEIR childrens' faces! Thanks for being such good moms to my grandchildren.

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