"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Friday, March 18, 2011

Last week my parents took off on a cruise.
As the token door prize, we got to keep their dog.
I'm in the process of making t-shirts for the whole family
"My parents went on a cruise and all I got was this
{Just kidding, mom and dad...he's a JOY.  Really}

The other day I found him lying on the stairs all sad and depressed;
Probably thinking he had been permanently placed in a very neutral-to-dogs-environment
and wondering how this fate befell him.
So I grabbed my camera and in an attempt to cheer him up
told him to smile for a photoshoot.

Not five minutes later I followed loud music into Alex's room...

We chatted for about ten minutes.
I told him his room was a pigsty
he told me about some more important things in his life.
Smiling, I left him to his 
On my way back upstairs I encountered THIS:
 And right at the top of the stairs I found THIS:
....next to THIS:
 Stomach juices/Stink Bug
And in the sunroom I found THIS:

About 2 1/2 minutes after I finished gagging scrubbing the floors 
I sanitized my hands and set out to make chicken salad....
At which time the animal reappeared asking to have a bite.

You just yacked all over my house-
even after I tried to play nice and take pictures of you to cheer you up...
I'm pretty sure you will not be having people food.

For some unapparent reason all of this time
Josh Groban has been singing on my ipod.
Something about Angels being heard on high.
Not sure why there is still Christmas music on my ipod.

And only because I'm in the middle of doing THIS did it strike me funny.

Heavy metal music is playing loudly downstairs
canine is emptying the contents of his stomach upstairs
Christmas tunes are playing mindlessly 
canine begs to be filled again...

and laughter happens.

#89 Spontaneous laughter because it's better than frustration
#90 Two full baskets of laundry...children are home
#91 Music that takes my heart to worship
#92 Turning the heat off!
#93 Being barefoot
#94 Hearing my children talk about their own God gifts


lindsey said...

That is one cute dog! We have our sons ex dog which now belongs to our youth leader, coming to stay at Easter..he is cute too but we also have family coming and little children and a baby so I am not so looking forward to his visit. But we said we would, so we will have to :)

Becky K. said...

This could so describe some of the crazy days here at Hospitality Lane.

I relate....so much.

Becky K.

Wanda said...

That's hilarious - let's hope in a few weeks you'll be able to say that, too!

Sharon said...

Okay...so I am just now catching up with your blogs and find poor little Bailey being berated for trying to rid your house of those pesky stink bugs! Poor dog. (sorry about that!) but thanks for keeping him company. I am sure he loved laying on those stairs (where he spent the majority of his days for several years) instead of in a kennel! And...wasn't NICK supposed to take care of him? Clean up after him? feed him? Let him out? Praise him for the good job of stink bug killing? Just saying.

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