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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Polls, pizza picnic, and pests...

First things first...
According to Fox News which is playing in the background, this House will soon have a lot of new REPUBLICAN inhabitants:

and I'm just going to put my two cents in and say I'm really happy about that...
as are many unborn babies who need an advocate
and many marriage issues that need rectified to reflect a Higher moral standard.

I won't pretend to understand or even know all of the issues at stake...
I'm just saying it's nice to see a little more Red moving in.

It was just the girls for dinner tonight, and I wasn't in much of a cooking mood, so the evening's cuisine consisted of salad and leftover pizza.  And, just because we could, we decided to eat on the floor next to the fire because it was the warmest place in the house.

Speaking of fire...you already know my obsession with my fireplace...but it's starting to sink in that in order to really enjoy a fire, we need to traipse down to the basement to drag up the wood which is stacked outside.  We're only a few weeks into fireplace season, and I'm tired of it already!  

My pile is not nearly as large or neat as this, but in my dreams, I think it should be...judging by the amount of wood I've already consumed.  

I'm trying to figure out how to rig up one of THESE to do the work for me...

or perhaps I should just suck it up and follow the example of 

{I feel pretty scrawny compared to her...she's pretty inspiring...even remembered to put on her earrings and beads before venturing on to the work of the day!}

For the last five nights I've been woken up around 3am to some pest walking across my roof.  At first I was afraid there were mice wandering between the walls, but after the first few times I realized whatever it is is a large animal.  Nick's been woken by it too...his bedroom is on the opposite side of the hallways, meaning that in order to get there it is crawling across the roof from one end to the other...wreaking havoc along the way.  
There is nothing more irritating than being awakened by a pestering animal outside your window...he's messing with our sleep. 

As Nick was crawling into bed this evening he called me in to listen to whatever it is walking right above his bedroom. So we grabbed a flashlight and went outside to see if we could find it on the roof.  {Picture me in my pink robe and slippers standing out in the driveway...}  After a few minutes Nick caught a glimpse of the troublemaker...he looked something like this:

..and I officially HATE him. 
 I'm seriously thinking about letting Nick get his shotgun out when he comes back to stalk around outside my window around 3am.



Becky K. said...

I was so excited for this day to come...well, yesterday really. It really felt as if we were making a difference when we voted in this election.

Sorry about the raccoon. You were so brave to face it in the night.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is so weird about your raccoon. Why would he be traipsing along your roof? He should be out searching for food, the nocturnal man that he is!

As to the election - I am a very happy girl this morning!

As to your firewood, is there a spot by the fireplace inside that you could have a basket or something to hold wood for a day or so?

consume me... said...

I'm with you, ladies!! It's a good day! Deanna...weird, isn't it? Don't know if he has a better view of his prey or what...I think he climbs right up an old "ladder-type" antenna that is on my side of the house - like it's his own personal flight of stairs! I found last night that if I leave the back light on all night he doesn't climb aboard. Good night of sleep for all!! ZZZzzzzzz

Christine said...

but the raccoon is so cute!!! you can tell I am a city dweller now!

Jeane` said...

I would like to say that while the impressive wood-carrying woman can balance a mean load of pine, she lacks the good sense you have to not wear such a shirt that might not accentuate 'tired' parts of one's anatomy. {but I will concede she did accessorize well for such a precarious task). As for the raccoon, not only could you cook him up for a little Beverly Hillbilly-style "Coon Stew", but his fur would make for a lovely winter cap.
(The only think worse is if the offending rodent would have been a large rat or oppossum. in my oh so humble opinion).

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