"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Monday, October 11, 2010

{To Emma...}

It is beyond me to accept that my youngest child has turned 14 today.  I don't have any way to reconcile the fact that though it seems like just yesterday I bawled like a baby as the Dr. announced, "It's a girl!!!".  I had waited so long for you...and had convinced myself you were just a part of my dreams...the kind that never really come true.  When your brothers were born I loved them each dearly...just as much as I love you.  But I was pretty sure that I wanted to have a daughter FIRST...and then follow up with a couple of boys.  I was sure it was the right thing for our family.  
But, apparently not.  
God had a better plan for you...

He knew you would need to be the third in the birth order...
maybe because He figured I'd have better practice being a mom by the time you came along..and I would need it.  Or maybe because He thought I would need to learn how to understand boys FIRST, because I really only get the "girl stuff".  
Or maybe...

He knew that you would grow up without a consistent man in your life...and so He thought to grow the boys up first. 
 They're pretty consistent...
always there...
in your face...
even when you want them to GO AWAY!

But...no matter what you think about that...you can't help but know that they love you VERY MUCH.  They would climb mountains to save you.  Cross oceans to rescue you.  Fight danger to protect you. 
 Oh...and crush boys who try to chase you.  {DON'T FORGET THAT!}
God knew what He was doing when He created Alex...then Nick...and saved you for last.  He was seeing into your future, setting things up for your best.  
Because He knew before anyone else... and He's had your back all along.  

Emma...this is my prayer for you this year...
That as you grow and continue to discover the young woman Jesus created you to be, you will run hard after His plan for you.  I pray that you will be fully and uniquely YOU...not what others expect of you...just the YOU that Jesus requires you to be....because you're His...and He gets to say.  

 I pray that you will see yourself the way HE does.  That you will let Him transform your heart to beat like His does.  That your eyes would see what His sees.  And your ears would hear His whispers.  
I pray you will feel loved.
Feel secure.
Feel confident.
Feel protected.
Feel free.
Feel understood.
Feel blessed.
Feel you've been allowed to become fully YOU.

I pray you will not ever want anything more than to follow Jesus with all your heart.
And I pray that HE will always be enough...

And, so, sweet girl...
as hard as it is to see you grow up,
I applaud you for the young lady you are becoming.
I am filled with joy because you are in our family.
You bring sparkle and laughter to our home...
You are loved

Happy Birthday, dear girl!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Happiest of birthday to your beautiful girl! I pray that all your prayers will be answered for her!

God has made her uniquely who He wants her to be!

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