"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last evening our youth group did a service project at the GAIN Warehouse.  It is Global aid relief ministry of Campus Crusade.  We had quite a few students show up, which is always heartwarming to see on the nights that we give out instead of being filled up.  {FYI...before I go any further, let me say I LOVE THESE STUDENTS!!!}  

ANYway...let me tie in my title and my picture for you...the HATErs would be the boys of the above group of students that I love.  And the shoes would be the object of their hate.  

I'm a flip-flop kind of girl.  So, when I got an urgent email letting me know at the last minute that we are not allowed to wear open-toe shoes to this Warehouse, I panicked a little.  My range of shoes go from flip flops to boots...and very little that I like in-between.  I didn't think it was a boot kind of place {I secretly wished it was raining so I had an excuse to break out the rain boots again...but alas, clear skies above}..so without a whole lot of thought {who knew you NEEDED a whole lot of thought??} I pulled out my mowing sneakers--reason for the green stains on the soles--and added them to my cropped jeans and sweatshirt.  I DID take a look in the full length mirror on the way out...of course I did, but since I didn't see much other choice, I went on my way.  

...And was promptly greeted by the snickers and sneers coming from the direction of my 
beloved EX-beloved teenage boys.  One of them informed me I'd gone too far and had entered
 into the "old lady zone"!  

I KNOW, right?!?!  
I spent the rest of the evening dodging comments and catching snide glances at my feet.  

The sneakers have found their rightful place in the back of my closet, and will probably never show themselves again due to intense humiliation.  And I've decided it's time to start hunting for a new, more HIP and TRENDY pair of kicks...preferably on SALE.

Maybe I'll resort to these {Even though they look very SIMILAR to the ones that got boo'd}
 or maybe in this color:
or just for fun, maybe I'll get these:

 or these:
or perhaps these:

I might just do it and follow those boys around all night pretending I'm their mother. 
Now THAT would be FUNNY! 
Who's the hater now, BOYS?!?!

old sneakers...
you've done me well, 
but they say you must go away...


Sharon said...

Oh yeah! Definitely the last pair! And wear them to youth group. And visit said boys at their respective schools, showing up just in time to have lunch with them! Or maybe I can fund a pair for each of THEM! (I did just get my SS check!)

The lady of the house... said...

the labels you put on this post CRACK ME UP!!!! :)

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