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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Disbanding and destroying....

So, the theme of this week is

After 4 very long years of orthodontic treatment, Nick has finally been disbanded!  Since he was a toddler, he's hated posing for pictures, so I had to settle for a quick snap on my phone...I'm guessing when he sees these he might wish he had sat still and posed. 
Sorry, Nick..a mom's gotta preserve memories one way or another.

this picture is actually after the bands were off - cleaning up the nasty four year old glue....Dr. Albright pulled them off so fast I didn't even know it was done.  Shoot!  Missed a photo op.
sorry, Nick...but at least your teeth look great! 
 Nice facelift.
We've begun a facelift of another sort this week, too.  After months of getting my house ready, keeping it clean, showing it and selling it...and after purging the garage last weekend
 it is finally time to start the "fun stuff". 
I started in the kitchen...

...no more wallpaper...
more pictures to follow....these are just the ones that were on my phone.  I had several helpers this week. Thanks Jess and mom!  We're headed back there this morning after breakfast.  I learned about THIS PLACE yesterday and thought it makes a good bribing tool to start my kids day of work.  Hot, handmade donuts...I think so!  So, after The Fractured Prune indulgence, we're back for more painting and scraping.
I'm seeing the end in sight....
pretty soon we'll be looking for the best price for one of these:


Mrs.Rabe said...

We go past the Fractured Prune - It is between two places we like - Rachel's Cafe and Spiro Gyros, but have never gone there. Now we will have to try it! :)

Congrats to Nick and to you for all your hard work Terri!

consume me... said...

I kid you not--best donut I've EVER had!!! Fresh from the oven, still warm! I happen to recommend the Maple sugar one! Best $1 of the day!

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