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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Up to something...

Another week goes by...and still no posting for me.  I've sat more than once...actually started a post more than once, but never to complete a full paragraph!  Partly because my mind is full with a cluttered amount of stuff and I'm good at thinking about the list I should write....just not good at actually grabbing the pen and paper to complete it.  Wow...sounds like a theme, even to me!  So this time, I will not get up until it's finished and published.  Or at least I'll try..

Maybe I should start by making a list of all the things cluttering my brain, then I will have accomplished several things at once (and possibly prove to myself that I actually CAN stay on task)

1.  Pick up Christmas cards at Costco
2.  Address, send, hand deliver cards
3.  Start/finish making a few gifts
4.  Finish my Christmas shopping
5.  Wrap gifts
6.  List a HUGE pile of things on ebay (preferably BEFORE the shopping trip)
7.  Buy milk TODAY (FINALLY!)
8.  Put air in the tire that has a nail sticking in it..again.
9.  Make Christmas cookies
10.Eat Christmas cookies.
11.Get on the treadmill
12.Throw some laundry in
13.Return "Julie & Julia" at the Redbox before 9. (I'm in LOVE with that movie!)
14.Check/delete/return emails

I'm sure there are more....SURE of it.  But I'll save them for another day.

Overshadowing all of these things is an idea that's been brewing.  A temporary idea most likely, but it's something.   I've logged on more hours at my computer this week than ever....maybe why I never got to writing THE LIST before now.  And, here's why:

(I know, the writing is small...try clicking on it to make it bigger...did it work?!?)

Maybe this will show up bigger....

So here's the gist:  "Shop Girl" is starting a little Personal Shopping Service business.  The details are still being worked out, hence the hours on the computer.  The brochures and the business cards just arrived in the mail, and now the work begins.  I think the real work is in finding customers...so that's the next step.  I'll be contacting several local Retirement Homes to see if I can leave a Poster there, as well as a few local establishments who post local services.  Beyond that, I'm at a loss....ideas welcome!  Along with the brochures and business cards, the box held a HUGE cling-on advertising piece for my car.  It is MUCH BIGGER than I anticipated and my children are MORTIFIED!!!  So it might not come out of the package...or, depending on how nice they are to me....maybe it will!

I'm amazed at how many shopping services there are online....some of them are totally out of my league or area of "expertise".  I will not be an "Image Consultant" nor will I do "Consierge" services.  And, "Escort Service" is out of the question.  (Seriously, they overlap somehow, but I don't know how.)  I'll stick with Gift shopping/wrapping for any occasion, grocery shopping and I'll be flexible with other ideas....but I'm not budging on the "Escort Service".  Prices will be reasonable and dependant on the job. 

Not sure where I'll go with this business...it's most likely a temporary thing, but maybe not. 
It's something, and that's a start.


jodie said...

I think this is brilliant! I've had friends tell me I should start the same business because I love to shop and wrap and they HATE it. I just wrapped Christmas presents for two friends' families (total of 11 kids) and they were so grateful. Someone told me today that MEN would jump at this offer so I think you should try business offices dominated by men. I also suggest you market wealthy developments with million dollar homes. That clientele is always looking for someone to wait on them. Good luck!

Consume me... said...

Totally agree, Jodie...it's just finding the right niche. Getting started is always the hardest part! Word of mouth, I guess.

amy said...

good for you!! May God bless you in this new venture!

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