"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Who knew you could feel sore and stiff after painting 3 walls???  Seriously, my body is showing its' age, and not in a very nice way.  I actually have bruises on my legs from where I leaned too long on the ladder!  Sheesh!

Anyway, it's done...at least the painting part.  The fun part is ahead of us, the arranging and hanging...that I will not dread.  The nightmare is over!!!  It's a little bright for me, but she loves it....and as soon as I can get the big pink smoosh off my left wrist it won't really matter to me. 

I hate that it took me so long to get it done...I could have felt this relieved a long time ago!  Someone recently asked me in an interview if I was one to get right to a task or procrastinate until the 11th hour....you can assume the answer I gave.  Not sure I'll be getting that job!  I might have to write him an email and let him know I finished my painting project...HEY, IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, CHECK IT OUT....I FINISHED IT BEFORE THE 11TH HOUR!!!!!!!!  HOW BOUT THAT JOB??????

Actually, it was a good time all around...I spent two days trapped in a room (albeit it filled w/fumes) with my daughter.  That's worth it's weight in pain killers.  She finished the day up the way any 13 year old girl would...a photo shoot...which I am happy to include below!  Enjoy...
more "finished" photos to come in time, I'm sure!

Ready to get started..again...

FINALLY FINISHED....and on to the fun stuff!

"mom, take a picture of me holding the frame...."

adding the frame and the jewels...

"my work is done for the day....let's finish the rest tomorrow!"

"I'm hungry...see, my stomach's empty.."

"That's a wrap!"

Another day's project...

PLEASE....I don't want to see these things again for a long, LONG time!
(*Insert smiling face here*)

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Sharon said...

Good job!! I will stop over to see the finished project sometime today! Love the pictures, Em! Blow them up and put them on those pink walls!! Love you...Mom (Gram)

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