"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The nothingness of my week.....

It's Thursday already. The kids are home from school, and it just dawned on me they will be home until Tuesday. I always forget about the long weekend that they have RIGHT after they start school! I'm glad, though...while I like the routine, and was ready for it, I'd still like to hold onto the nice weather a little longer so we can be out and about without sweaters and coats. So I'm planning on enjoying this long weekend....no plans whatsoever as to how we will enjoy it, but we will!

Annual "first day of school picture"

The week has been slow-going and relaxing around the house. It'll be like this until ice hockey starts for Nick...then we'll be taxi-ing him around a couple times a week. But for now, it's been nice to ease into the week of school and chill around the house at night. It's not often that we have NOTHING to do..so I'm really enjoying it, however long it lasts!
My days have been a little like that, too! I feel a little guilty to have such time on my hands with nothing but the regular housework to tug at my schedule! I know it can't last long, so I'm trying to get as much as possible out of my free time!
The highlights of my week...
*Going to the bus stop Monday morning, even though it's not cool...ok, maybe BECAUSE it's not cool! (Who decides that anyway?!?)
*Waving goodbye to the bus
*Lots of alone time on my porch journaling and reading
*spending the WHOLE morning at Panera on the first day of school
*spending the morning at Prince Street Cafe with some of my fav youth and friends!
*spending the day with a friend consignment shopping
*spending the day at home alone doing...nothing?
Wow...doesn't sound like I did much at all that is worth any eternal value! Really...this can only last for so long....my checkbook is screaming back at me to do something about its empty pages. But I really am liking it while it lasts. AND, in the midst of all the nothingness of my days, I've done alot of thinking, planning, praying, and listening....it's not all bad to have nothing to do when you wake up in the morning! Somehow the time flies by and before I know it...or am ready for it, the bus pulls up, and the day is over.
Oops....that didn't sound nice. What I MEANT is that my quiet time is over....my time to think is over. That's what I meant.
Today's highlight...other than, of course, hearing the bus stop in front of the house to drop my children back off, was getting a phone call from Alex. An ACTUAL phone call where I get to hear his voice...not a few words typed in shorthand on a measely text! He surprised me. I've come to expect to hear nothing from him...but there he was, having dialed my number to actually TALK to ME! (I decided it really was just to talk after I waited for a few minutes for him to ask me to send money....when he didn't, I decided it was really just to talk to mom!)


Now it's dinner time and I'm unprepared. I have no excuses AT ALL! Can't think of one....maybe a pizza night?

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Just a little something from Judy said...

I do enjoy hearing you share about the nothingness of the week. I was blessed by the brief time I saw you on Monday morning. God brought you to my mind many times since that encounter. I am waiting with you, my friend.

You have good looking children. I hope they have an enjoyable school year.

Don't you treasure those unexpected phone calls? What a blessing.

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