"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Monday, June 6, 2011

 I stopped here the other day while I was walking... 
this patch of roadside weeds caught my attention
Ever thought about how many variations of weeds there are?
In this one square foot of weeds there are handfuls of variety.

Weeds are such a nuisance to me that, had I created them,
I would have made them all the same
cursed them as WEEDS
 and been done.
I wouldn't have put much thought into them.
But God did.
They're all uniquely different
because for some reason, this mattered to Him.
and isn't that just it?
Creation MATTERS to Him

It may have only taken 6 days to create
but in those some 144 hours
millions of detailed organisms were created.
And each and every one of them must have been important
He must have wanted us to notice them...
otherwise, why bother?

"Nature is school-mistress, the soul the pupil; and whatever one has taught or the other has 
learned has come from God – the Teacher of the teacher."
De Testimonio Animae

Maybe weeds didn't come along until after Adam and Eve sinned..
maybe they were just a result of the fall.
But even if this is the case,
a lesser-god would have deemed them all the same and moved on.

I can only assume that there's a reason each leaf and stem is different...
and that it has something to do with God wanting us to know that
even the little things matter to Him.

I'm reading through the book of Genesis, 
finding new perspective from old Words
 marveling at the wonder of


Sometimes it becomes too familiar to us
The details blur
and God's creativity is lost
His attention to the most minute of details is forgotten 
and unappreciated.

He's reminding me that the Words on the pages of His Word
are encounters that
real people had with a real God
they are a picture of 
who He was
and who He IS
they tell me about 

I'm not all that different from Eve....
She too walked with the Sacred
saw His creation all around her
became discontent
wanted more
she, too, had all that her heart needed

"We worship the one God who fashioned the whole fabric 
with the instrument of elements, 
bodies, spirits, and by His Word commanded it, 
by the reason with which He ordered it... 
whence it came about that the Greeks also 
give the universe the name of "kosmos." 
Invisible though He is, 
He is seen. 
Incomprehensible though He is, 
He is by grace revealed.
Apologius XVII


Mariah :) said...

i love reading your blogs. They are so insightful and encouraging. You know just how to say it in your face in the most loving of ways. "I'm not all that different from Eve....
She too walked with the Sacred
saw His creation all around her
became discontent
wanted more
she, too, had all that her heart needed
forgot" Genius. thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day while I was wandering the campus at work, purposely, slowly, trying not to rush from hither to yon, I made a purposeful NOTICE of my surroundings and it crossed my mind how many species of plants and trees are in this one 5x5 piece of the earth that I'm now standing in. What am amazing and creative God we serve! There's purpose for it all. I stand in awe. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Most of those "weeds" are actually edible and can be used medicinally, we only call them weeds cause they are growing wildly, or they pop up in places that we don't want them! :)

Did I ever tell you that I took a medicinal herbs class last summer? :)

God is such an amazing creator!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about following your writing!! I love the way you think...God bless!

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