"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring...it's inevitable.

I wish I was more faithful at having something worthwhile to say and write here...but alas, I do not, so let's be happy with a once a month post, shall we?

Since it was quiet at my house this morning, I treated myself to a morning of reading the latest issue of

I never like to be rushed through my monthly issue, so a cup of coffee must always be brewed and in hand before sitting down to read. {Truth be told, this morning I crawled back in bed with the coffee and spent the next few hours chasing every link in every article. That's a lot of links and a lot of staying in bed. But who cares?}

Maybe it's my Spring Fever, but I needed a little inspiration to get me through these last dreary, endless days of winter. Here's a recap of my morning, as dictated to my other Neighborlies friends this morning. You'll have to read for yourself, but here's my takeaway...

"I have just spent the last hour (+) sitting in my bed with a cup of coffee and the Neighborlies. This issue had far more outside links that had me traveling ALL OVER the place on the www. I discovered some awesome little nooks that I had never visited before! Seriously...I'm being modest by saying I've been here for an hour. I dropped Emma off at school at 7:30 for a lax tournament and I've been tucked back in my bed since then. This issue was my favorite, I think. Each month feels more legit than the last...like we've put together some kind of real magazine or something! Michelle Bailey Walls, the photos and the placement of them were perfect.

The things I learned this morning: purchase a better foundation, check Target for Baby Lips, stop wishing for something I don't have and enjoy what I do, find some branches that need to be forced to bloom by my bed, purchase one of Aimee's lovely paintings for my home, have coffee in New Holland and remember that the hard days are being redeemed (OR check the local listings for a hunky husband named Michael Taylor---or one who looks and acts eerily similar to him. So much to do..."

My quiet morning is over. Time to get on with living this day out. The sun is occasionally shining and at least it's not cold enough to snow, so there's that. Not quite excited to spend the day on the sidelines of a lacrosse game to watch my baby sit on the bench....but again, it's not snowing..so there's that. 

Just a few more weeks and maybe we get the OKAY from the doctor to play on the field. It's been a long recovery from that darned ACL surgery for the poor girl. But the end is in sight, girlie, and it's going to happen soon! 

In the meantime, let's be happy to see the sun show itself on occasion and look forward to the break of a new season.
Here's to Spring and it's badly anticipated arrival this year...Countdown to 5 MORE DAYS!

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