"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Facing Reality...

The last week and a half has had my emotions on a crazy manic loop.  As with every parent of young adults and teenagers, the realization that my kids have passed that "point of no return" continues to catch me off guard at short notice.

About 10 days ago Emma tested and passed her driver's test.  And although I knew it would mean an adjustment for me, I wasn't prepared to feel so sentimental and emotional.  I am a slow learner.  
This is the third child to cross over towards independence...but the third is the last, 
and I think that's why it shook me so deeply.  

I'm back on track  
I finally got a grip and found my perspective.

I've written about it for my next article in Neighborlies this weekend.
I was a little reluctant to submit this one because it was written right in the middle of my emotional mommy-breakdown.  Emma took that momentous first trip alone...and I LOST IT.  

She had no idea how affected I was by watching her back out of the driveway alone.  But she'll get it in about 30 years.  Because I remember my mom standing in this same place- watching ME drive away for the first time.  I thought she was weird, just staring as I backed away. But now I get it....and I'm sorry that I didn't understand it back then.  I was HER youngest child. And I get it now. 

A week later, on her SECOND trip alone 
she arrived back home bearing gifts for both of us...

...and I've decided that maybe it's not all bad after all.

 In other family news...I have figured out the trick to luring bringing my children back home.  
Feed them.
 I don't even have to beg.  I just use the right words {that include beef}
and just like that...they come.
I'm not too proud to use this tactic as many times as possible.

{If you feed them, they will come}

The most exciting news of the week involves the Marine and this ticket.

He has a 96 hour leave...and he's spending it with US!  
So excited..

And the four-legged beast

while she continues to be cute...
she keeps us in a constant state of alert.
She loves two things in life


While her favorite thing to chew is her food,
she's been known to chew just about anything-
she is not picky.

Some days she nibbles on her ROOM.
Evidence of this is in the form of large chunks out of the baseboard and door frames.
She will be the death of me-
or at least to this house.  


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