"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soap and Pinsomnia...

I was just introduced to a website.  
It may or may not have been around for a while
 and perhaps I am behind the times...
I like it
and I think I will be using it often...

We'll be introducing it to our youth tomorrow night
in hopes that they, too, will use it
It's a Bible reading tool-
and we all need tools...
because sometimes we just get stuck in a rut
and need a little kick start.

SO check it out...
you might like it, too.
It's called SOAP

{but not this kind}

It's an acronym...
 Basically it's an online outlet to take notes and record your thoughts as you read through the Scriptures.  
It's private, no one else reads your thoughts.  Check it out here...you might like it.
Or read about it here, it explains it better than I just did!

{Random transition}
I could very easily become addicted to Pinterest

It happens quite innocently.  
You find a recipe you want to save
and then
because now you are looking at the recipe that someone ELSE pinned
and that looks good, too.
So you pin that one...
and the one under it
and the one on your friend's page....

You didn't mean for it to happen...
but it did..

But, in my own defense, 
my family needs to try this
and this
and this

And thanks to Pinterest, 
they can...

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