"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fastest Birthday Breakfast EVer...

18 years ago today my second child was given to us.
He was the easiest delivery of all 
looked like my dad
had a great head of hair
came out talking...
ready to argue his case.
By the time actual words were formed,
he was hoarse...not kidding.

So this morning, in honor of this little devilish imp
who has turned into a young man who is his mother's joy
we ALL{insert shock and awe} 
gathered around the table before school
and had a little birthday breakfast

Shortest birthday celebration ever...

6:30 am
Alarm goes off

6:42 am
Supplies are laid out

7:01 am
Zombie arrives from the basement

7:05 am
Sister arrives, needing help with a braid

7:06 am
Birthday Boy emerges from the shower

7:11 am
Birthday boy arrives to the party, not completely awake but fully dressed for school

7:12 am
Following all of our birthday well-wishes, we eat

7:13-7:18 am
We eat and laugh over stories of the impish boy-turned young man 

7:19 am
We gather to pray a blessing over the Birthday Boy

7:22 am
We all gather in the garage to see the Birthday Boy and the Sister head off to school.

7:23 am
The zombie retires back down to the basement

7:26 am
Kitchen is cleaned up and another day is well on its' way...

Happy Birthday, Nick...
You are worth celebrating every day of the year!
I love you...


Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy Birthday to Nick, and to Mama!

lindsey said...

Great way to celebrate and have it all done and dusted before school...well done! Hope you all enjoyed the rest of the day too.

Jeane` said...

I don't know what's taken me so darn long to stop by here for a visit, as it is one of my favorite blogs and you are a woman i so admire and miss!
Happy birthday to your son who I hope meets a woman someday who needs a place to hang her hangers, 'cause he'll KNOW she's the one. Why else would have such a large hole on his ear from which to accomodate such a woman in such a quandry?? :) My nephew sports the same 'accessory' and we love him for it.

HAppy birthday to your awesome zombie! His greatest gift in life is that you are his mother. I hope he knows it.

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