"I hold on to You for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post..." Psalm 63

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few things I discovered about myself today

I can't say this has been one of my better days...
I'm not really proud of some of these things I've discovered.

Nonetheless, let's just get it over with.

*I despise bookkeeping. 
 Paying bills is a nuisance, and I'd rather not.

*I had a very black hair growing on my neck 
until precisely 10:45 this morning.
{There's no way that thing grew overnight...why don't people tell me these things?}

*Left to my own demise I have a rotten attitude
I found myself muttering under my breath this morning while shoveling the driveway out AGAIN.  The kids were almost late for the bus {because around here, two hour delays don't give us extra time to get ready in the morning, they make us sleep in longer than we should} which automatically made me the designated shovel-er.  I did not take to this kindly and had all manner of conversation with my kids in my head while I scooped and bent with my knees {mom, did you read that?}.  
Until I remembered I haven't been born to some sense of hierarchy that exempts me from hard labor. 
I immediately repented of my selfish ways and tried giving thanks for my healthy {albeit it heaving in over-exertion} body. The rest of the shoveling really went a lot faster after I wiped the snarl off my face.

*Panera is fast becoming my home-away-from-home
I get some "work" done there without being distracted by all the work in my house. 
The people there like me all the time and treat me like I am their favorite person in the world.  
They also cook whatever I ask for me...

*Sometimes I forget to run the dishwasher 
for DAYS...
until there are no clean plates and we have to wash them before we can eat.

*I'm not a very good planner
It's 5:50 pm and my family is due to return from their wanderings any minute now 
and I still have no idea what's for dinner.  

I have a host of other things to add to this list, but it occurred to me that adding anything else after my last paragraph would only further incriminate me.  
I stink at staying on task.

WAIT!  I'm back...I have one more thing to add because

*I'm fantastic at making a quick meal
Especially if I have frozen chicken strips, a box of pasta and a jar of creamy alfredo on hand.

Just when I thought I failed at this day.


Jeane` said...

With the exception of the Panera-Sweet-Panera scenario and the dishwasher dilema, I am with you on every point, except probably worse. I do commend you, however, for coming back and completely redeeming yourself with the gourment {ahem} pasta dinner you whipped up in probably 7 minutes, give or take a few.
(and there i go, sounding like a 80 year old woman who thinks she's cool). (But you do. Rock. Really.) And besides, if you were so great at book-keeping, i don't know if we could truly be friends. ;)

Cindy said...

Am with you in the moment... (especially at 5ish and trying to find something quick and (of course, nutritious) for dinner
...with you as you echo the desires of my heart to choose joy and see God's fingerprints left all around...
Love your transparency and your way with words - and life. I agree - you rock!!

Sharon said...

Okay...This time Nick has an excuse for not helping with the shoveling because of his sore shoulder. But, REALLY????????? I am going to come over there myself and drag them out of bed next time to do the shoveling!!!!! Then they can start the coffee, make you some breakfast, start the laundry, feed the bird, empty the dishwasher (or start it!), clean up your messes, and then drive you to wherever it is you have to be! Oh, wait! Isn't that pretty much what you do for them every day?????? Love you, kids! But REALLY!!

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